Our Causes


We help young Bahamians accomplish their educational goals and empower then for the future.

NAB’ vision is to provide students with the opportunity to achieve their educational goals and help Bahamain in need during times of disasters or tragedy.


NAB provides annual scholarships of US$500 – $2,500 each toward the tuition of Bahamian students who are enrolled and in attendance in a college/university in…

Disaster Relief

Donating to our Disaster relief fund helps us to support people in the Bahamas in times of national disaster. NAB works tirelessly to help families…
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You are invited to connect with us using the following information:

Registered Office:

558 Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33161


305 677-2727



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    The National Association of The Bahamas (NAB), is a 501(c)(3)  non-profit organization. We are supported by voluntary partnership of Bahamians and friends of the Bahamas, all working to better the communities in the Bahamas.  NAB has been in existence since 1993 and it is managed by Bahamians living in the Miami Metro and surrounding areas.

    Registered Office:

    Miami, Fl.
    +1(305) 677-2727
    (10am - 5 pm)